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Inspired by the phases of the moon, Ritual Común began as a means for the community to stay connected and challenge preconceived notions of individuality, spirituality, and mental health. We aim to facilitate intentional living through our practices in order to nourish the inner self.

Ritual Com​ún 

Ritual Común is an integrative company founded on integrity, compassion, honesty,  and respect. We seek to uphold the highest moral standards and are a fair practice. We believe in creating a collective community and cultivating healthy conversations.  We seek to provide a safe space for our community and to be as authentic, vulnerable, and transparent as possible.

The Founder

Misha  RodriCortez


Misha Rodriguez is an MFA graduate with a Screen and T.V. Writing degree. She is a Mexican- American California native who began meditation at the young age of twelve in a Buddhist Tibetan Monastery.  She believes that everyone holds a dedicated awareness or unawareness to perform everyday rituals; With aligned intention and detail, these rituals give us the freedom to become our best selves. As her career advanced in media production, she found a calling in corporate wellness. She thrives as a meditation practitioner, event producer,  and art curator. Her love for meditation has become widespread as she now focuses her time leading global meditation wellness events. She hopes to guide others closer to their unique practice through guided Meditation, Reiki, Akashic record readings, Somatic healing, and self-care practices.

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