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The Collective is an ongoing collaboration between

Ritual Común and the independent practitioners who are featured on our site.  We wish to highlight different modalities and bring the collective to our community by integrating practices of all kinds.  The collective brings new perspectives and collaborations to the community. 


Song Kim
Self-Alchemy Coach 

Song is a Self-Alchemy coach whose work is dedicated to cultivating greater love and harmony in the world by helping individuals tap into and learn to work with their unique inner potential. Her coaching approach is implemented within both a spiritual and intellectual framework, and she approaches her clients with honesty, integrity, and understanding. Her work is highly influenced by Taoism, hermeticism, transpersonal psychology, Roman paganism, and sociology. Her path to becoming a coach began after she graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. degree in Sociology, and she went on to pursue a corporate career in HR and International Relations in correspondence with the U.S. Department of State. During this time she worked extensively with countless individuals worldwide with career advancement and conflict resolution to ensure their success abroad. Through this role, she developed expertise in grounding techniques during times of high stress, effective interpersonal communication, strategic problem-solving, and goal-setting. However, a series of life events and the onset of the pandemic led Song to step into her soul’s calling, and in 2020 Song completed her ICF-accredited coach training with Transform Coaching Academy to become a certified life coach. She went on to become the founder of Song Kim Coaching and has successfully helped many clients from around the world. Song has over 10 years of experience with shadow work, inner child work, and guided meditation. She combines pragmatic and esoteric modalities to guide her clients to success holistically. She is currently en route to pursuing a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling to become a transpersonal psychotherapist.

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