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Intention vs. Manifestation

"Consider the idea that intention carries masculine energy in the spectrum of universal law and manifestation holds the feminine energy."

Illustration by @asjaboros


Intention and Manifestation are two largely used terms in the world of wellness. It's easy to confuse the two and can be difficult to distinguish which does what, let's take a look into how we can identify each and easily define them.

An intention is a tool of conception, as in the seed that is planted in fertile soil.

With intention comes desire. This is a linear process and has direct energy that is forward moving. Think about the last time you desired something? Didn’t it feel like the thought of it alone almost brought you closer to the actual sensation of what it was that you desired? An intention is the same in this respect.

Manifestation is the tool of creation, as in the flower that blossoms from the seed.

Manifestation, on the other hand, is the magic in where everything becomes created. It is the process in which the fertile soil has nourished the seed of intention and it brings life into reality.

Without working together, the individual purpose of each stays individualistic, whereas when we embody them together, we gain fruition, as in the garden.

Consider the idea that intention carries masculine energy in the spectrum of universal law and manifestation holds the feminine energy. The two combined create the experience in life we wish to receive.

We don't see this as a possibility because we lack the basic understanding that our intention is the pathway to create what we want to manifest. When we create an intention, it’s like we are flashing light from a dark space on what we wish to attract. This being said, if our intention comes from a source of love or positivity, we will reap the rewards. If the intention comes from fear, you will experience just that- the fear of losing what you have just created.

Many people believe that if they want to win the lottery and they pray for it- they will just manifest it- the law of attraction says so, right? Manifestation is a tricky process because it is not something that just happens out of nowhere. Waves of manifestation come in cycles.

When we manifest, we combine our intention and our magnitude of faith and belief in the impossible, if we doubt that these aspects are true and real, we may not see the fruition of our efforts.

Imagine that you have created an intention of having more positivity in your life, yet despite your best efforts, find that you are stuck in toxic relationships and your own negative self-talk constantly tells you that you are not good enough for these positive aspects to exist. Your intention had been set- but you have been doubting the reality of this manifestation, so inevitably, you have tainted the manifestation process and nothing is created, you are left with the life you do not want.

We must understand that we are the creators of our own manifestations. When you halt the creation process with self-doubt or "lower frequencies that are fear-based, you will not be able to bring in that which you desire.

When we say “this is possible", we allow for creation to unfold. Now let's take that same situation where the intention was to bring in more positivity. Being able to observe the types of relationships that are healthy and reject those which are toxic creates an internal space for us to bring in more positivity. When we become the observer we identify the negative aspects that we allow in our lives or our space- we can begin to replace our negative thoughts for positive ones and move into a deeper understanding of why we have allowed the things we dislike to be in our space. We weed out what no longer serves us and plant aspects of what we want to bring in, and ultimately, attract the positivity we desire.

The universal law of attraction states that we attract the things, circumstances, and conditions that are aligned with our consistent thoughts and beliefs, both subconsciously and consciously. It is imperative when conducting spiritual practices we become very clear with what we are intending. We hold our intentions and they become our habitual thoughts or desires.

In turn, the experience of manifestation allows our minds to run wild and turn our hopes, dreams, and desires into a multitude of life experiences. When we discover this integration we can begin to really have fun with our lives. So remember, just like Abraham Hicks says- “Think the thought until you believe it, and once you believe it, it is.”

Written by-

Misha Rodri-Cortez

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