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Do I need to let go?

“Letting Go”, a drawing by Shany Yizhaki

"Why is it that when we pour all of our energy onto something or someone and desperately want to manifest, it fails?"

Things will not come to fruition, no matter how much energy you pour in. The result is that we leave with so many questions- and the resounding answer you hear ringing in your ears is the Guru's answer, always the same; LET IT GO!

For most of us, concepts about energy ring true but become a lot more difficult upon execution. So, let’s break it down in a way that maybe can make more sense to digest.

1. Focus on the present: Letting go does not mean indifference. Think about it as taking a more positive and loving approach to the thing you want. (Before you roll your eyes give me a second to explain). Instead of being consumed by the thing we want to achieve, begin to give yourself credit for all the seeds you have planted along the way. When we hold on too tightly, our happiness becomes contingent on our ability to achieve that goal. Choosing to be compassionate and loving to ourselves gives us enough mental room to notice some other enticing and exciting opportunities.

2. Let go of the control: This is the hardest lesson to learn. Ironically enough, we never had control of the situation anyway. We are not computers- we cannot analyze the millions of scenarios that could potentially happen. So, when we think that we figured out our perfect outcome, we probably only accounted for a few of them in reality. Uncertainty is not failing – being open to a myriad of events allows us to meet any situation with an open mind and open heart. This approach can often surprise us with all the progress it can bring- even if it was not accounted for before.

3. Break it down: No matter how hard we try, we cannot see the infinite amount of directions our life can go. Break that goal down, not by creating an exhaustive list of steps - but instead, identify what you truly want to get from that goal. Want to change careers? Maybe you are craving more self-fulfillment. Want the perfect relationship? Maybe feeling loved or having companionship and support are the things you’re chasing. Making this distinction can help when you move through life with more breathing room. We always have a choice- but when we are hell-bent on a specific desire, we ignore the overarching emotion or value we want to foster. So, once you have figured it out, stop yourself from checking off your itemized list. Simply ask yourself, “Will this situation make me feel (fill overarching emotion here?) “.

Will there be mistakes? Yes, but mistakes are just learning opportunities. Don’t think of letting go as giving something up. Instead, see it as allowing yourself enough mental and emotional space to accept the many gifts life has to offer.


Written by Nicole Yamira Herrarte


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