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Soul Connections- Soul Contracts, Agreements, and Karmic bonds



Why do some connections feel so good and others feel so bad? Why is it that we can feel so connected to someone and other times- those same connections cause us great pain?


Artwork- "Eternal Lovers" by Tino Rodriguez

Love is the universal source of energy.

This energy evokes a feeling that brings us closer to each other and allows for growth and soul evolution to make space within us. When we have a connection to someone who brings that feeling inside of our heart centers- it feels like magic.

We made Soul contracts, Soul Agreements, and formed Karmic Bonds. This brought us into a place of inner knowing. Love is the greatest soulful teacher. Again, it is the experience that brings us closer to source energy.

Artwork by Daiva Sauke

This means that through the capability of loving we can understand how to connect with life around us.

We are souls that have incarnated into a body to have an energetic human experience. We needed the motivation to understand our life’s purpose. This was never going to happen if humans stayed distanced and apart.

We would simply not be born together in a world full of others if this was the cosmic point of life. So in the veil of unconsciousness, we agreed to remember tiny bits and pieces of our soulful purpose.

That magnificent moment when you feel like you know somebody or feel a deep connection. All of this was done to help understand our life’s purpose so that we could then access a sense of Higher Calling energy that could help us feel more fulfillment and joy in our lives.

Often, the relationships we bring into our lives mirror or mimic the energetic frequency or “life vibes” we are putting out. So what we feel, sense, think, imagine, is always, and I repeat, ALWAYS, being reflected.

To understand ourselves better we learn through the experiences that are shared with others. We observe our feelings, reactions, and thoughts through the way they are received from others.


Gentle touch


In these connections- the energy feels life-long. We have many soul contracts. Some come from souls we’ve had in our past lives that have become the teachers of our current life, like our family and friends. In these partnerships, we learn lessons many different aspects of life. We learn about our blocks, our resistance, our growth, etc.

You will recognize the soul contract immediately. There is resonance through the eyes, into the soul.

Sometimes these connections feel intense with our romantic partners because we are continuously learning how to allow ourselves to love, unconditionally. This is the connection that never stops giving.

However, sometimes on the flip side, it can be uncomfortable to receive lessons when we do not wish to learn. These relationships can sometimes be the most challenging because we have so much to gain from them, even when it’s not all pleasant. There is a sense that we all vibrate at a high or low frequency when we omit life energy. If our contract is with someone who has the opposite energy from us, the lessons we gain can stem from negative interactions. This is not always the case but can play a massive role in why we feel so deeply connected to the same people within the different phases of our lives. When this is stemmed from positivity, the connection can create a beautiful harmony.

These connections can include soul mates, twin souls, and life partners, and soul families. The point here is to allow yourself to see into the interactions and ask yourself what lessons you have gained from one another.



Souls come in and out of incarnation and often need an energetic “landmark” to help us transition into the next phase of our lives. Soul agreements help us do just that.

Luna & Forester by Episodic Drawing

In this connection, we reconnect in life during moments where we need a perspective shift. It’s as if we were both in our ways, living as we do, and then suddenly, BOOM! The agreement is introduced and we meet someone who shifts our perspective completely. This is the purpose here- to shift perspective.

This connection can be charged, intense, and massively purposeful. Our lives completely change and we meet these connections. There is often an energetic attachment to these connections because they had served us so intently in our lives at one point. The disappointment comes when we latch onto something that was just supposed to help us gain awareness of the new perspective. The point here is to trust that what you learned by meeting them will serve you for your highest good.



Karmic bonds are exactly as they sound- a karmic bond. Karma is the energy attached to every action.

Everything has Karma, it’s how cause and effect play out in the world. This energy is attached to each lifetime. If we clear our Karma, we finish the cycle and move into a new experience of learning.

A karmic bond in relationships means that past life energy has been carried through, into this life. It feels like you know them, deeply, and you need to have them in your world.

This can end up being quite toxic because the energy from the last lesson that was never learned is charging the current life connection you have with them. There is a sense that this relationship MUST happen. This desire comes from an energy that has been un-lived. When we move into these relationships, the problems come following. Many people feel that this is true love. A deep, passionate, intense, and charged connection that feels soulful, but also difficult. This is the karma that is trying to be learned but is now in supercharge mode. The point here is to acknowledge the perspective of the counterpart. If we can see through the conflicts, and allow ourselves to unlatch this connection from its tight grasp, we can learn to forgive ourselves and the others for the role we all play in the lessons of love.



We all experience one or more connections that fall into these categories. The categories don’t matter as much as the lessons do. The most important aspect of all of these connections is that we allow love to serve its purpose in our lives- to move us closer to our higher calling. This is the energy that derives from our divine selves and makes the space for us to feel connected to humanity through service. This is the way we can connect with unconditional service and love.

Our partnerships will always help us connect closer, or away from this path. When you feel into your own life’s experience, you can truly understand how and why you are where you are.

There is no need to break these contracts because as long as we understand the lessons, they will naturally move closer when we need them to serve us and away from us when they no longer serve us.

So how do we know when a relationship is meant to be or “The one?

The answer is simple- you allow yourself to meet them. It is entirely up to us to attract that special partnership. We have so many life lessons to learn and the romantic relationships we attract have one thing in common- To guide us towards or away from our life’s purpose.

-Written by Misha Rodri-Cortez,

July 2021

Misha is a Mexican-American spiritual meditation practitioner and Akashic reader. She loves poetry and film. You can book a session with her online or email for a consultation at


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